Awakening Your Spirituality


Have you ever watched a baby wake? It’s magical. They have no worries, no deadlines, no daunting fears or frustrations. They wake in a state of purity, clarity and peace.


Upon waking you can observe a slight shift in position, then possibly a stretch of an arm, a whence of the face, a turn of the hip. The body moves through a series of twists, turns and stretches while the eyelids begin to flicker. Next, you can see the eyes begin to open ever so slowly, while the body engages in a deep inhale and an equally prolonged exhale. Following this leisurely progression of stretches and movements, the eyes open completely and this little being is ready to engage this new day.


We can learn so much from their innocence, as we have all been there, we’ve just forgotten how to control the flow of mental noise barraging us as we awake.


We can develop the mental strength and skills to begin our days with the same purity, peace and clarity as a baby. It’s actually quite simple and merely requires setting your clock back by only 15 minutes in the morning to allow your spirituality to awaken with you. These 15 minutes are now yours to create an amazingly beautiful awakening.


Step One – Upon waking up, lie back in bed and allow yourself to close your eyes and clear your mind.


Step Two – Take three long deep breaths, focusing your only thoughts on being thankful. Be thankful for this day, thankful for your breath, thankful for your life today.


Slowly stretch your body while taking several more deep breaths, constantly reminding yourself that you are blessed to be here.


Step Three – Mentally state three characteristics about you, which will become your daily mantra. These statements should be short and simple, basically, I am kind, I am strong, I am beautiful. Repeat these mantras three times slowly, truly listening to yourself as you say them in your mind.


Step Four – Open your eyes, rise with controlled movement out of bed and tell yourself “I’ve got this day”.


By taking control of your mind in the morning you are awakening the spiritual control you need to take charge of your day.


You’ve got this!


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Thank you – Michelle

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