Find Your Motivation



You had it, and it was exhilarating! It was the one thing that helped you complete your project, finish your goal or cross that finish line. But where did it go? How do you get it again?


You don’t need to go anywhere to find it. It’s right there, inside of you.


Life is constantly throwing us curveballs, and sometimes our motivation takes a hit, we’re human of course. But we can get our mojo back, and become stronger from adversity. Here are four simple steps to rebuild your motivation.


Step one – Get a piece of paper and write down three things that mean the most to you. Seriously, write it down this second!


Got it? Now look at your list. Do YOU fall into one of the three categories you listed? If yes, excellent, you’re halfway there, if you don’t, why not? Aren’t you the glue that holds together the three categories you listed?


You are so very important. You have the mental strength to be self-motivated in fitness, health and life. You just need to rank yourself at the TOP of your list. It’s not being selfish, it’s taking charge of your life so you can be stronger for everything that revolves around your being.


Reflect back to a time that you accomplished a goal, big or small. What was your motivation? You have succeeded in the past, and you can once again!


Step two – Set three very small personal goals for yourself today, such as;

  1. Organize one drawer in your room.
  2. Open your door, take a deep breath and welcome the outside world into your life.
  3. Research a topic you’ve always been curious about.

Oh, and for heaven sakes, make it fun! Put some music on while you accomplish your goals. It’s really that easy.


Step three – Continue to set three personal goals daily. As your confidence rebuilds, and it will, you can set one bigger goal for the week that your small daily goals will help you to achieve.


Just remember, small goals to start. You will find the motivation within yourself while realizing you have the power within to establish new goals and accomplish them!


Step four – Pull out one more piece of paper. Write on it this incredible quote “I am going to make you so proud! – Note to self.” As you see, ultimately this internal motivation thing is all about you.


You are strong, you are kind and you have so much awesomeness to share!


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Thank you – Michelle

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