Rebuilding Me



It was a dare and I accepted. Yes, even at 48 we are allowed to go outside our comfort zone and do something completely out of character. Even better, we might like it.


The dare? Dedicate six weeks to train and then compete in a bikini fitness competition.


Sounded interesting. But what the fine print didn’t mention was that you needed to glam a sparkly teeny weenie bikini, which barely covered 10% of your butt, while teetering on 5-inch plastic Barbie style heels as you pranced about as if second nature on a huge stage in front of seven NPC judges, friends and your family. Easy right? Um. No.


Yet the thought of a toned upper body and torso, as well as altering my flabby derriere, plagued by the dreaded “cottage cheese”, was intriguing. My trainers, Bill Neylon (The Fitness Edge) and Janis Garrido (Precision Fitness & Wellbeing – PB) had faith it could be done. I was skeptical, but ready for a change. Besides, if I wasn’t ready, no one would force me out on that stage.


So, once the commitment was made, the trainers lined up, and the hefty deposit on the Las Vegas style bikini was given; there was no backing out.


For 6 weeks I persevered with pure dedication and commitment. I trained 2-3 hours a day, ate 5-6 clean meals daily, eliminated sweets, unhealthy carbs and, yes, you guessed it, alcohol.


I wanted to see if my body could really change at 48. And guess what? It did! I shocked myself, my four children who snickered when I put on a bikini 6 weeks prior when I said I was going to compete and my friends who had no idea until after the event.


I placed 3rd, 4th and 5th in three separate categories! But to me, I won first overall because I made a change for me, by me.


Don’t get me wrong, there were tears, moments I doubted myself, expected and unexpected physical pain and daily demands enticing me away from my focus. That’s where my family was my strength, because once again, my friends had no idea. My husband was my rock. My trainers were inspirational. My children were wide-eyed, in constant observation and positively charged.


I learned so much about myself. I could do it. Anything. It just takes focus, commitment and work.


You can too. You can do it. Anything.


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Thank you – Michelle

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