Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up



Get up, dress up and show up! This little mantra is a true gem in motivating anyone to get out that door!

Simple in concept as life should be. We are all guilty of overthinking our destination before heading out the door. Maybe it’s an event we just aren’t feeling thrilled about attending, the environmental situation we will be placed in, or the concern of an unfamiliar or too familiar guest list. No matter what, we are hesitant.

However, very rarely do we actually show up and find it fruitless for having attended. How many times have you gone to something and ended up realizing you made a connection socially, mentally, spiritually or even financially?

So if it does pay to get up, dress up and show up what can we do to ensure it happens? Here are three simple steps I call “CAP”.

  1. Commit. Treat the situation as if it is mandatory to go. No opting out.
  2. Accountability. Share that you will be going with someone that means something to you.
  3. Positive Thinking. Mentally commit to one positive outcome you can make happen if you go.

Keep it simple and don’t overthink it, and by all means, congratulate yourself for making the effort.

You’ve got this!


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Thank you – Michelle


This special mantra was taken from a written quote by the very talented author, inspirational speaker and newspaper columnist Regina Brett.

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