Passion Engaged in 30 Days!



Let’s state the obvious, maintaining PASSION, energy and excitement in your relationship day in and day out is hard, especially when family, work and daily demands pull you further away from your partner. Believe me, after 24 years of marriage and raising four children, I know how easy it is to let everything else come first.


Only a few years ago my husband and I found our time for each other had taken a back seat. We were going through the motions of living, but we had forgotten the importance of our marriage above all else. We came to the realization that our children were going to grow up and live their lives, the deadlines we had today would be gone tomorrow, our commitments over time would lessen, but our marriage was supposed to be the one constant we could count on. We had forgotten.


So we took a drive, a long drive, and we talked. We talked for hours, and then we planned. We set out on a course to bring the PASSION back into our relationship, and with a few modifications everything changed! Our communication, our respect level for each other, our passion, our friendship and our sex changed for the better and only gets stronger everyday.


We started with a 30-day plan and we are more in love today than ever.


With that said, I want to share some suggestions with you that helped us reconnect both mentally and physically.


  1. Dine together everyday. Preferably breakfast, before kids, work or social media take you away. Wake up 15 minutes earlier so it doesn’t cut into your day. Take turns making breakfast. It doesn’t have to be grand, just something so you can sit together, eat and speak without interruption.
  2. Communicate everyday. Talk with each other, not at each other. Share your day, your goals, and your thoughts while looking in to your partner’s eyes. Keep it positive! Compliment each other everyday. Say I love you several times a day. Say it, text it, jot a little note and stick it in a pocket or drawer, or mail it!
  3. Plan a few activities together. Date night once a week is a must! Also plan to exercise together, listen to music, do a project and commit to a new hobby together. Plan a daytime excursion, maybe even a simple picnic at a park. Oh, and don’t forget to dance! Nothing beats moving together in unison. These activities are not to be shared with anyone, but the two of you. Planning builds excitement and gives you a shared goal you can look forward to together.
  4. Be affectionate everyday. Hold hands while walking or sitting together. Hug. Smile. Touch your partner softly as you walk by. Kiss. Really kiss. Kiss with your heart and soul. Take your time and experience being kissed, as well as being the kisser.
  5. Share your dreams and fantasies! This is your best friend, not your neighbor, judge or jury. Besides, you may find some shared similarities. A good way to start is by asking each other some sexy fun questions. Here are a few to get you started!
    1. What is your favorite way to kiss? Where is your favorite place to kiss, or to be kissed?
    2. Is there a place you have fantasized about having sex?
    3. What is the biggest turn on to you?
    4. What are your thoughts on sexy clothes and toys?
    5. What is your favorite sexual position? Is there something new you would like to try?
    6. What is your newest erotic fantasy?
  6. Go to bed together every night. Go a little earlier than usual and pillow talk. Remember that? Some of the best conversations happen when you’re relaxed together. It doesn’t mean you have to go to bed, wink, wink! Actually, don’t go to bed because this is the CLINCHER, have sex everyday. That’s right. Try some new things and your favorites, but most of all have fun exploring, communicating and sharing each other! Remember, this is your best friend.


Making your relationship a top priority is empowering. Especially when you are reminded that you are living this life as a team, with your partner being your number one fan. Enjoy this life together, because as much as Its About You, it is also about building and strengthening your relationships so you can engage life to the fullest!


If you have found some of these tips to be helpful, or some to be challenging, please share your experiences with us in the comments below. This is a journey for all of us and we can learn so much more by sharing with each other. Additionally, if you have other suggestions please feel free to share as well. Your thoughts could help someone change their life for a better tomorrow.


Please let me know if you found this article useful. You are welcome to add your comments below.

Thank you – Michelle


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