“Yeah, I Said That” – Ashley-isms


In a blink of an eye that chubby little baby with the creases in her thighs and belly laughs so strong your cheeks hurt from smiling, is almost grown and gone. No more heart dropping panics as they dash away from you in an instance when you put them down. No more bruised indentations on the bottom of your foot from stepping on yet another random Lego piece. And of course, no more splatters of spaghetti sauce or smeared fingerprints on the walls.


They grow up, whether we like it or not, with or without an attitude to go with it.


But these amazing little beings leave us with something far greater than we could have ever given them, a lifetime of priceless memories.


With pure hearts our children shared their visions of the world as it came to them. Unfiltered, nondiscriminatory and purely innocent, we were able to experience the world in its purest form, through the eyes, and the descriptive words of a child.


So, to share some laughter, heaven knows with the stress of today’s political, financial and overly judgmental world WE NEED IT, I give you what we have dubbed, “Ashley-isms”. These are random questions and comments spoken over the years from the lips of my youngest of four children, Ashley.

Here are just a few…


“Was all that destruction really worth it?” 8 years old – after seeing Superman, Man of Steel.


“If the coyote has all this technology to order traps and fireworks to catch the Road Runner, why doesn’t he just order food?” 8 years old – after seeing a clip of Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner at Universal Studios.


“It’s kind of weird how Dr. Lederman let me out of you.” 6 years old – after running into my OBGYN.


“I can’t believe we’re hugging strangers in costumes, that’s the weird part.” 6 years old – while waiting in line to hug Dora the Explorer.


“Wouldn’t Andy be kind of freaked out with his toys always being in a different place?” 7 years old – after watching Toy Story for the first time.


Do these spark memories for you? What statement or questions did your little ones enlighten you with over the years? Please share below!


Please let me know if you found this article useful. You are welcome to add your comments below.

Thank you – Michelle

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  • Leslie Shapiro
    December 3, 2017 at 11:32 am

    These are great Michelle, Thank you for sharing them and please give all the kids Hugs from Us.