I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s January!


It’s so easy to overindulge during the holiday season with decadent sweets and salty treats everywhere you turn. And who can blame us for not passing up the abundance of evenings out with over-the-top entrees of excessive proportions smothered in dangerously delicious sauces?


Additionally, our schedules become packed back-to-back with so many “must do” events and demands of our time that we forget what a healthy meal looks like. Or finally, how about the urge to enjoy just one more sugary sweet non-calorie free cocktail or smooth savory glass of wine that contributes more to your waistline and thighs than we care to admit?


So fast-forward to today. 2017 is gone my friends. Hooray! It’s a new day, A NEW YOU!


2018 is here and it’s calling your name to make a change. I’m revved up and ready to go with a 21-DAY REBOOT!


Here’s the challenge. First, take a moment and write down five things you would like to change in your life. Now it’s your choice if you wish to eliminate 1, 2 or 3 things during this challenge, but for simplicity sake we’ll shoot for one!


DAY 1 – Eliminate ONE indulgent item you want to back off from in your life. I’m not saying quit forever, just cool off for a while and regroup your senses. This can be anything from sweets, alcohol, soda, enriched flour, chips, etc. But this one thing is your 21-day elimination. BEGIN!


DAY 7 –You are rocking! You are one week in, so you get to treat yourself today! No, not with what you just eliminated, with something else. This reward should be based on making you feel and look better. This could include a pedicure, some flowers, a face mask, a new moisturizer, a manicure, a walk in a lovely park or even a new book. Think about what you want it to be so you can look forward to your personal reward.


DAY 8 – Now add ONE positive behavior or activity to your life each day. Maybe commit to a brief walk, a five-minute stretch or meditation or even a few stolen moments of solitude with a cup of tea. Try to be consistent by participating in this activity at the same time everyday. This behavior should become a wonderful source of peace and relaxation for you once the challenge is over.


DAY 14 – You guessed it, reward yourself again! You’ve eliminated a behavior for 14 days and you have begun rewarding your mind and body with a positive activity. You are amazing!


DAY 15 – Final challenge of the week! While keeping up with your ONE drop and ONE add commitment, this time you will be adding ONE more thing, complimenting yourself. That’s it! Each day write down THREE things you like about YOU. It can be anything. The goal is for you to realize how phenomenal you are. Seven days from now you will have 21 positive affirmations about you, by you, your biggest critic, to post proudly for you to see.


DAY 21You’ve done it! It’s your final reward day! You have achieved excellence. You eliminated a behavior, begun a new form of personal relaxation and learned how to compliment yourself!


Now it’s your choice. You can maintain your elimination or choose to indulge maybe once or twice a week on a controlled level. You have the control and the power to decide.


I’m not promising massive weight lose jumps, energy boosts by 150% or age reduction from a secret formula. I am suggesting an easy to follow program where you can reconnect with yourself and your senses by empowering you to heal yourself, learning to care for yourself and ultimately helping you to find your path to self love!


I’m on day seven and my drop is a beverage that rhymes with latkah. Will you join me in this challenge? What will you take a break from starting today?


Please let me know if you found this article useful. You are welcome to add your comments below.

Thank you – Michelle


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