Welcome Friends


Hi, I’m Michelle and welcome to It’s About You!


The goal of It’s About You is to help modify your life as a woman, mother, wife or daughter by placing an emphasis on strengthening you before empowering others.


You see, I strive to be a super mom, or so I thought. Doing, driving, enabling, and caring more for everyone else’s needs before mine. Frustrated, out of shape, feeling overwhelmed and then losing my father to Parkinson’s and my mother to a lifetime battle with her weight, I felt lost. How could I inspire my family if I couldn’t even motivate myself?


But worse, what have I been teaching my children by doing everything for them and not taking care of me? This was not where I wanted to be.


Realizing this flaw within myself I began to understand how important my mental, physical and spiritual health was to my family unit, I knew it was time to change. My children weren’t becoming self sufficient, health conscious contributors to society. This was not where I wanted us to be. But I also found it wasn’t just me. Countless other women seemed to be going through this stage in life as well, searching for answers about whom they are, why their family unit wasn’t thriving, but not knowing where to turn.


So with that knowledge I introduce It’s About You. This blog is for you, as much as it is my ongoing personal quest to redefine myself. By bringing you tips, plans and advice from the experts and those who have lived it, my goal is to help you strengthen your mind, body and spirit so you can find your inner strength, peace and happiness. So you can be the best YOU possible.


I’m not a dietician, physician or health care provider, I’m just me, Michelle. I’m a mom of four, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend. However, this blog isn’t about me, it is about you! Come join this journey, say hello and share your questions and comments to help others and find insight for yourself. I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter. Or, feel free to email me with questions or comments at michelle@mkfitness.me.  I look forward to getting to know you!


Let’s do this!



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Michelle Kirschner, 49, has her B.S. degree in Communications from Radford University in Virginia, is a wife of 24 years, mother of four, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Owner of MK Fitness, LLC in Palm Beach County, NPC Bikini Competitor and a writer. Her mission with It’s About You is to provide current, inspirational and functional content; offering tips, plans and advice from the experts and those who have lived it!


Some Little Known Facts About Me

  • My husband and I of 24 years, have three girls 21, 15 and 12, and a son who’s 19-years-old.
  • My husband and I were friends in high school, but didn’t realize we had a connection until after college when a mutual friend stood us up at a dance club.
  • I was a tomboy growing up, but I loved my Barbie dolls. I lived one block from the beach and I was usually barefoot, playing in the ocean, climbing trees, reading or writing.
  • I’m a lifelong resident of Palm Beach County, Florida.
  • My mother passed away in September of 2015 from complications of a gastric bypass procedure from 10 years earlier. She was bipolar, had OCD and was a hoarder, but managed to raise three strong, independent children as a single mother.
  • I ruptured my plantar facial ligament attempting to run my first half marathon. With determination and commitment I ran and finished the same half marathon one year later.
  • I competed in my first Bikini Fitness Competition at 48 years old, winning 3rd, 4th and 5th in the three different categories I entered.
  • When my mother surpassed 350 pounds, I dropped to 99 from anorexia.
  • Before parenthood, I was a professional event planner with the American Cancer Society and then the American Lung Association.
  • I love strength training so much! I never knew this until I was 45.
  • I was diagnosed with early onset degenerative arthritis in my hip in 2016. Running is no longer an optional exercise for me, but I have found a new love, spin!
  • My father passed away in June of 2012 due to advanced Parkinson’s Disease.
  • I’m an open book. I’m honest, down to earth and I tell it like it is. I have nothing to hide. I think this has been the one thing that has kept me grounded in life.
  • We have a nine-year-old Welsh Springer, named Coco and a one-year-old year old cat, named Cali.
  • My childhood dream was to become a writer when I grew up.